In Sight of the Islamic State II.

‘In Sight of the Islamic State’ was a successful publication which described dramatic experiences of two respected journalists Lenka Klicperová and Markéta Kutilová on the frontline and inside the Syrian city of Kobani when it was slowly rising from ruins.

The authors travelled, for a second time, to the Kurdish territories in Syria to document events in an area afflicted by five years of fighting. They are the first Czech journalists to get as far as Kobani, a city which has become a symbol of Kurdish bravery in fighting the Islamic State. ‘In Sight of the Islamic State II’ follows their second journey in February 2016 and links it with their previous journalistic work. After their first trip, the photojournalists set up a public awareness event called SOS Kobani to help the people in this war-torn and completely destroyed Kurdish city.

Book sample:

…when our group delves into an area with mudbrick houses I realize that the village is not completely devoid of people. A young woman carrying a baby comes out of one of the houses. Does she live here? Is this a shooting range? With a baby? Heval Arab knows her, he greets her, this is obviously not their first time here. We are sitting in the shade and the woman is bringing us some tea. There is a time to fight and time to drink tea. The Hevals have changed. They are playful and we take photographs of each other; then we take photographs of an old woman with a tattooed face. Everybody is smoking and they are glad that for the time being the fighting is over with. We are drinking another cup of sweet tea. It is a beautiful day on the Euphrates and we have just experienced the hell of war…

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A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to SOS Kobani.

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