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War against the Islamic State (Syria, Iraq)

Lenka Klicperová has been visiting Iraq and Syria regularly since 2014 to report and photograph the current state of affairs. She has met hundreds of civilians, soldiers and women fighting the Islamic State.

The Kings of Gerewol (Niger)

The African branch of AlQueda operates in this area, a very poor region where white people risk kidnapping. You are not likely to meet tourists in the north of Niger. Lenka Klicperova visited this restless region to photograph Cure Salee, the fascinating festival of abundance, free love and the magical male dance Gerewol.

The Devil came to the Congo

The Congo is one of the richest and most problematic countries of Africa. Without its natural resources we would probably not be able to use our smart phones and notebooks as much as we do. Coltan is the name of the key mineral without which the mass-production of communication electronics would not be possible.

Latim or Circumcised (Kenya)

Female Genital Mutilation is one of the major contemporary issues. It is a dark tradition, annually causing several million girls around the world suffering and pain; some even die as a result. Why?

Women in the Land of the Taliban (Afghanistan)

Lenka Klicperová visited Afghanistan four times and more or less always pursued the question of female equality, or the lack of it. The women in the country bellow the Hindu Kush don’t have an easy life, but not all of them are shrouded in burqas and terrorised by violent husbands.

Go and Kill. Stories of child soldiers.

Stories from DR Congo and Uganda. They have lost their childhoods. In a few minutes innocent children were turned into killing machines. In order to survive, they had to do things which still give them nightmares. What is a child soldier’s life li­ke?

Iraqi Women

What is life like for women in contemporary Iraq? What is the difference between a woman’s life in Baghdad and in Kurdistan? It is tradition which influences women’s and girl’s lives in this region.

To be a Woman in Africa

What problems afflict contemporary African women? What problems do they have in the different African nations and what influences their lives? How do Ethiopian Surma tribal women live and how do women in Congo deal with the constant fear of bandits and rapes, which have become a weapon of war?

On the Border of Nothing with Nobody (Chad, Darfur)

How do two European women travel without visas as far as an out-of-the-way country like Chad? An incredible journey to a country which is one of the worst police states in the world.

Country Without Gods (Surma tribe, southern Ethiopia)

In southern Ethiopia, in the region around the river Omo, surrounded by an impenetrable wall of mountains, live the Surma. Theirs is a country which takes you into prehistory.

Public talks