A book depicting the life and work of one of the best Czech photographers, Antonin Kratochvil. AK 47 - Antonin Kratochvil, born 1947. The first publication, not only dedicated to the photographs of this world-famous artist and a winner of four World Press Photo Awards, but also to what he experienced while taking his most famous photos. Kratochvil narrates and his fascinating stories are recorded by the journalist and photographer Lenka Klicperová with whom Kratochvil worked on the project for more than three years.

The book features Kratochvil's best photos from war zones in Afghanistan or Iraq, Rwanda genocide, misery in India and Africa. Yet it also depicts world celebrities, the debauched world of Moscow nightclubs or the irreversible destruction of nature. Kratochvil's also looks back at his life full of unbelievable twists and turns. Klicperová captures his stories in a raw language just as Kratochvil tells them. The story of AK 47 surpasses even the most dramatic images of what one person can experience in a few decades of life.

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