Medics on the First Line

March 2020. Czech Republic was paralyzed by a pandemic of a new coronavirus from China. The borders are closing. Reporter Lenka Klicperová cannot move anywhere - not to war-torn Syria or Somalia. However, the front line is suddenly clearly outlined completely elsewhere - in Czech hospitals. How did Czech doctors cope with a pandemic that affected the whole world? What made them better than the others?

Klicperová, who was later joined by her colleague Markéta Kutilová, began touring the covid centers of Czech hospitals. Both reporters rode with the ambulance team, participated in operations, and spent time in the wards with doctors and nurses. They gained a lot of information, interviewed doctors, nurses, paramedics, nursing home and laboratory workers during day and night services. The main burden of the fight with the new coronavirus lay on the shoulders of the medics. The book should be a tribute to doctors, nurses (both civilian and military) and other medical personnel who did not hesitate and did their duty.

Published by Universum 2020, you can buy the book here:…zbo000386646

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